ACA Kayak Lessons

ACA Kayak Lessons

From “first time in a kayak” to expert, our Skills Training sessions are a great way to have fun and to build your confidence on the water! These courses focus on skill sets specific to their respective environments and are taught in respect to the ACA standards. All classes are semi private, meaning you are private or with similar skill level students. All ACA Kayak Lessons are taught by ACA certified Instructors. Learn more about the American Canoe Association.

Wednesdays are set aside for lessons and can be scheduled in advance for almost any time. Most other mornings are available for lessons with at least a 24 hour notice.

Intro to Kayaking
– You don’t have to have any experience to join this 1.5-2 hour introductory class. Our introduction to kayaking course is a fun and easy way to get started kayaking. In this half day class you will learn about kayaking safety, equipment, launching and landing and basic strokes.

This class is geared for all types of kayaks, from sit on top and recreational boats to touring sea kayaks. Beginners are welcome.

Equivalent to ACA Level 1 training Cost: $69.50 – Time: 2-2.5 hours   Essentials of Touring The best way to learn to sea kayak is to take a full day kayak course that covers outfitting, strokes and rescues. This is a class that goes several steps beyond our Intro to Kayak Class by spending more time on the strokes in the morning and focusing on rescues skills in the afternoon. This is a comprehensive 4-5 hour kayak class that covers a wide range of skills and techniques. Plenty of time is provided to practice and refine each skill in order to maximize efficiency and build your overall confidence. Topics covered are essential kayaking equipment, how to hold and use your paddle, proper kayaking posture and kayak fit, lifting and carrying your kayak, how to launch and land and how to perform a wet exit. While on the water you will be introduced to propulsion strokes, sweep strokes, ruddering strokes as well as edging and bracing. Having a chance to practice wet exits allows you to increase your confidence as we move into assisted and self rescues. During the afternoon you get a chance to refine your skills as we practice several of the essential rescue techniques solo and assisted.

Equivalent to ACA Level 2-3 Training
Cost: $129.50 –Time: 4-5 hours

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