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Several times per year we host an IDW/ICE for people interested in becoming an ACA Certified Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor. The ACA SUP Instructor Certification is a multi day program and covers strokes, leadership, safety and rescue. If you do not pass as an instructor you can still achieve up to an ACA L1 Assessment with the opportunity to polish up any deficiencies and join another class.

Call or e-mail now to sign up. 239-262-6149 or

Last certification was hosted by Naples Kayak Company/Naples Outfitters with ACA ITE Instructor Steve Scherrer.

Steve Scherrer ACA Instructor Trainer Educator

ACA Certification


Course Documents

Level 1 Instructor Criteria

About the Course
The ACA instructor certification process is broken up into two core components: the Instructor Development Workshop (IDW), and Instructor Certification Exam (ICE). The IDW presents Instructor Candidates (that would be you) the skills and knowledge that are required to become an instructor. The ICE is an opportunity for each candidate to demonstrate his/her proficiency in the presentation (logical progression) and demonstration (proper modeling) of the skills necessary for certification as well as display overall paddle sport knowledge. This class is done as a combination unit called the ICW ( Instructor Certification Workshop) and compiles both parts of the process to become certified.

Students must have prior to attending:

  • ACA Membership
  • ACA SEIC Registration*
  • ACA Instructor’s Manual (purchase online)
  • ACA Student Packet (e-mail)

TUITION: IDW/ICE $400 for Level 1 or Level 2

Level 1&2:   3 Days

Purchase a Gift Certificate

TEXTS: The ACA instructors manual is $25, payable with course registration if you choose. You must have this manual with you at course start, but is recommended you purchase it directly through the ACA website to receive it earlier and look through before the course.

MEMBERSHIP: The ACA requires all candidates to be active members which is $40 for an annual membership. Register online now and retrieve your member number. Once you have passed the exam you must join the ACA SEIC (Safety, Education and Instruction Committee)* which is $25 for an annual membership and allows you to register the ACA courses you teach and have insurance for your students. You will need to give your member number to your trainer who will send it in with the paperwork post exam.

REFUNDS: Registration amount for IDW/ICE is fully refundable prior to 60 days before the course, 50% refundable (price minus deposit) up to 30 days prior to course and non-refundable thereafter. Texts are non-refundable as they will be purchased by you before you get here from the ACA’s website to be able to study it prior to taking the course…

We require a 50% deposit upon registration and full payment by 4 weeks prior to the IDW. People come from all over the country and have to plan travel into their trips. This is a way to help assure attendance and give us enough make up time to fill in slots in case of emergency.

SEIC fees are due upon successful completion of your Instructor Certification Exam only.

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