CALL or Email us to reserve 239 262 6149 or

If you don’t want to pick up a board or have it delivered, please see our on water rental page

We can put a Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board Rental on top of any vehicle with a simple roof kit. You can do it!

There is no other place with a better price for Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals in Naples.

Ask around, call around, Google around- we have the MOST affordable rates in town for Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals. We also have the nicest rental boards in town.

You can schedule to have a stand up paddle board delivered or pick it up from our main location. If you would rather just go rent one on the water, please visit our ON WATER RENTALS page.

We can put rentals on top of almost any vehicle with a  simple roof kit ( additional 2.00 total rental)

Please call us at 239 262 6149 or email us at to reserve a board. Each board does come with a life jStand Up Paddle Board Rental Car Convertible acket, leash and some basic instruction.

Stand Up Paddle Board Pick up and Delivery LOCATION: Naples Kayak Company, 2360 Shadowlawn Drive, Naples

Fishing Paddle Boards are also great for larger paddlers


  • Bic Cross 11 . 

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  • Live Watersports Utilty Board


  • Live Watersports Live2Fish