Greenland Kayak Lessons

Greenland and Traditional Skills Lessons

Greenland Kayaking Florida

This is an introduction to the way of Greenland style kayaking or Traditional Skills. You will be using Greenland paddles and will go through the basic strokes, forward, reverse, sweep as well as draws, sculling, and ruddering.  More advanced students will move on to balance bracing, rolling and hand rolling.  This is a great way to discover how paddling has developed over time and fantastic for advancing your rolling. Greenland style lessons are a fantastic way to improve your entire kayaking skills across the board.

All of us at the store love Greenland paddle but Jay Rose is our instructor for all things Greenland. He has been using the Greenland style of paddling for over 4 years now and embraced the culture of paddlers and technique. He is somewhere around 26 or so rolls into the Greenland Rolling competition rolls and uses his GP’s on all of his expeditions and camping trips, even for surfing. Feel free to e-mail or call the shop to speak to Jay about questions you may have about Greenland related kayak topics. We also sell Greenland Kayaks and Paddles; please visit our retail store

For a view of some of Jay’s Greenland skills check out the video below:


Cost Length Description
$69 ea. 1.5 hours Introduction to Greenland Rolling.
$69 ea. 2 hours Advanced Greenland Rolling.
$69 ea. 2 hours Introduction to Greenland skills and strokes.