The Kayak Roll

Intro to Kayak Rolling

Anyone can fall over, learn how to get back up!

Doing a kayak roll is quite simply the best form of self rescue. It is quick, effective and looks cool. Rolling is one of those more advanced skills that demands the help and guidance of an experienced instructor but once learned is actually quite easy to perform. Our ACA Rolling Endorsed Instructors are trained to guide you through the process of safely learning and mastering your kayak roll. The roll is taught in a 4 step process with the first half of the course taught without going under water at all. No experience is necessary but some paddling experience helps.

Cost: $69.50 Time: 1.5-2 hours

Advanced Rolling

If you already have a solid roll and are looking to either get down your offside, learn a new one or refine your existing roll to a bomb proof one , this class if for you. Your choice of paddles to use, Greenland, Euro or Wing. Our ACA Rolling Endorsed instructor is proficient in about 25 or so different Greenland rolls.

Cost: $69.50 Time: 1.5-2 hours