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We specialize in Small Group Tours! (2-8 paddlers Max)

Our guides will give personalized attention to each person in our Small Group and Private Tours! Many companies have no max allowance of paddlers per tour. Don’t get lost in the sea of paddlers!


per person for Small Group Tours

Tours are $69.50 per person no matter what kind of kayak (single or double) you choose to use on the Wiggins Pass Kayak Tour. Duration is 3 hours and is a slow paced laid back nature watch style paddle.  Don’t think of it as three hours of rigorous paddling. The tour is catered to the abilities of the group. The price covers all necessary equipment, including life jackets.

PRIVATE Small Group Tours! (2-8 paddlers Max)

On our Private Tours, only you and your small group will be the only ones on your Wiggins Pass Kayak Tour. This is the ultimate in personalized and individualized attention from your guide!



per person for Private Tours

Private Tours are $104.25 per person no matter what kind of kayak (single or double) you choose to use on the Wiggins Pass Kayak Tour. Duration is two and-a-half to three hours and is a slow paced laid back nature watch style paddle.


Please note that this price does NOT include gratuity for your tour guide. If, for some reason you do not feel that the guide deserves a gratuity, PLEASE let us know at napleskayak@gmail.com.


The group sizes are kept small, with three singles and one double-seat kayak available. If you have a need for more than five seats on your tour, call Naples Kayak Company/Naples Outfitters, at 239-262-6149 to book a tour with more seats.

Excitement, Beauty and More

One of the most popular seaside destinations in Naples, the mile-long stretch of white sugar sand at Delnor-Wiggins State Park has been rated one of the best beaches in the nation. The beach, facing the scenic Gulf of Mexico, is on the south side of Wiggins Pass, which, itself, is the mouth of the beautiful Cocohatchee River. To the north side of Wiggins Pass is Barefoot Beach County Park. Nearly always in Wiggins Pass you’ll find ospreys, brown pelicans, double-crested cormorants, white ibises, herons and egrets of all colors and many more birds, as well as an excellent chance to spot wild bottlenosed dolphins and fish leaping from the water.


“Behind” Barefoot Beach, on the bay side of the island, you’ll be guided through the beautiful mangrove trails and tunnels of the Barefoot Beach Paddling Trail. Your guide, a trained naturalist and experienced, certified kayak instructor, will be able to point out much of the wildlife and explain the intricacies of the mangrove estuary’s ecosystem. If you have never paddled a kayak through the mangroves you are in for a fantastic treat, and if you have, you already know how great it will be to do it again.


The Wiggins Pass Kayak Tour leaves at 9am or 1pm. Generally there is a better chance of a greater abundance of Wildlife being on the water earlier as less people on on the water disturbing them.

 Kid’s Discount

$15 off, per child

All kids (ages 4-12, greater than 50 lbs) can receive a discount of $15 off if they ride or paddle in the front seat of a tandem kayak! An adult must paddle in the back or stern seat.

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  • Serving Southwest Florida since 2004.
  • Professional Tour Guides- All are kayak instructors certified by the ACA ( American Canoe Association)
  • Single and Double kayaks available
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So Where is this?

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NAPLES, FL 34110

There are clean restrooms provided by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary at the Cocohatchee River Park.

Recommended Dress:

Synthetic clothing is the best to wear as it dries quickly and breathes well. Sunscreen and a hat are also recommended as the Florida Sun is usually shining. Bringing a bottle of water is also recommended.



Tours can be done any day of the week. We request that you book your tour at least by 3pm on the previous day so that we can guarantee your guide. If you have a last minute request, give us a call anyway and we’ll try our best to secure you a guide. 239 262 6149



We accept all forms of payment, including all major credit cards. We accept checks with a phone number and drivers license number. Our new online booking software makes it easy and secure to book your Wiggins Pass Kayak Tour.



After you have booked your Wiggins Pass Kayak Tour, you will receive an email confirmation. Your Kayak Guide will call you the evening prior to your tour and make sure that you understand how to get to the tour location. He or she will also provide his or her cellular phone number.

Wilderness Guidelines


Fires are allowed only at beach sites along that Gulf Coast, below the storm surge line near the high tide line, using only downed wood. No fires are allowed at ground or chickee sites.


Trash must be packed out. Included in trash should be food scraps and used toilet paper; leave sites cleaner than you find them.

Human Waste

Use toilets where provided. At sites without facilities, bury human waste in a hole at least 6″ deep. Pack used paper out with garbage.


Remove all food particles from dishes before washing. Do not dump food scraps in water; pack out with trash. Use bio-degradable soap.

Designated Site

You must stay at the site listed on the permit unless safety factors require you to stay elsewhere.


Pets are not permitted in Everglades National Park.

Weapons & Fireworks

Use or possession of either is prohibited.


Be considerate of other visitors. Quiet hours are 10pm to 6am. Loud machinery such as generators, chainsaws and bug sprayers is prohibited.


State fishing license and regulations apply. You are responsible for following the size and daily bag limits for Everglades National Park.


DO NOT feed or harass alligators or other wildlife. Animals that are habituated to human food can be dangerous.


The use of personal watercraft and water skiing are prohibited. You are responsible for following the parks boating regulations.

Leave No Trace

While not regulations, these principles will help preserve the park’s wilderness values: 1.) Plan ahead and prepare 2.) Camp in designated sites only 3.) Dispose of waste properly 4.) Leave what you find 5.) Minimize Campfire impacts 6.) Respect wildlife 7.) Be considerate of other visitors


Recommended Safety Tips

Nautical Charts & Compass

Are strongly recommended for all routes. Do not rely entirely on GPS units.


Weather conditions change rapidly in the summer. Be prepared for intense sun, rain, and strong winds. Be prepared for lightning; do not stay in open water during storms, move near land staying low in your boat.


Take a tide chart and check conditions before you depart. Carry a weather radio if possible.


Mosquitoes and no-see-ums can be numerous and aggressive. Insect repellent, bug jackets, or long pants and long sleeved shirts are recommended.


Raccoons will do nearly anything to get food and water. Store both in hard sided containers or aboard a boat.


One gallon per person per day is the minimum recommendation. No fresh water is available.


Plants, animals and artifacts are protected in the national park. Collecting is prohibited.

Be realistic

Tides and winds can make paddling difficult. Most experienced paddlers plan to travel between 8-12 miles per day. If this is your first trip, choose a short trip and travel well marked routes.

Be Prepared

Boating in Everglades National Park is challenging. Safely exploring this area requires the ability to “read the water”, as the shallow areas are not usually marked. Knowing the draft (depth) and limits of your boat is critical, as is the ability to read and utilize nautical charts.

Numbers To Call For Information

Flamingo (239) 695-2945

Gulf Coast (239) 695-3311

Search and Rescue

File a trip plan with a friend or relative before leaving. If you do not return home on time, that person should contact Everglades National Park 24hr dispatch at (305)242-7740. In the park, dial #NPS from your cell phone.


All kayak and paddle board rentals include a life jacket, a whistle and a leash for paddle boards.

These items are for your safety and we strongly encourage their use. 


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